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General Motors by the fan to dissipate heat, and vibration motor has required regular maintenance of artificial cooling. When General Motors working fans to wind down the casing above the heatsink kept blowing, cooling rapidly pay off while the temperature in addition to the dust, so that ordinary work generated by the motor to ensure the normal.

No vibration motor fan unit is cooling on its own. However, the work environment dust vibration motor is relatively large, easy to accumulate in long-term it will affect the surface of the motor cooling effect, can cause overheating, burn out the motor.
     Preventive measures:
     1. Regularly remove the motor surface dust, the vibration motor has a good working environment.
     2. The vibration motor preferably better-ventilated places, in the winter is generally not a problem, you can use the fan to cool in the summer.
     These two points will help customers maintain a vibration motor vibration motor, vibration motor to extend the life of