Industrial motor application
These motors with excellent working performance and convenient maintenance,widely used forcompressor,blower,winch,reducer,cleaner,Transmission equipment,
packing machinery,woodwork machine,food machinery,
medical equipment and other general industry tools,
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Clean water application
These centrifugal pumps are widely used for the transport of clean water and other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. Such
as industry and city water supply,high building
water supply,garden sprinkler,fire booster,long-distance transport,HVAC refrigeration cycle,bathrooms and other cold-hot water circulation system.
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Sewage water application
These self-priming sewage pumps are widely used for treatment of municipal waste water,construction project,hotel,printing&paper dyeing,textile,and other places of sewage discharge.are ideal transmission
equipment for mud,waste water,sewage,wastes,and other liquid including fiber,scraps of paper,and solid particles.
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Special motor application
These motors are designed and produced according to US NEMA standard and Canada motor standard.These motors are energy saving,high efficient,with large torque,excellent performance,low temperature rise,low noise and vibration.widely used for fans,blowers,small machinery tools,medical equipment,etc.
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